Santa Cruz Trauma Consotrium

Dear ACE Conference Attendee,

Dr. Felitti made several documents he mentioned at the Nov 7, 2014 ACE Conference available to attendees.  Please find those documents below.  We were only able to contact registered attendees, so feel free to share this link with those who did not get the email.

Origins of Addiction, 2003 (fair use chapter)

Lifelong effects of child maltreatment (fair use chapter)

Men’s ACE Questions

Womens ACE Questions

Sample patient questionnaire

Sample patient case discussion

ACE Conference Scores 2014

The following materials were made available ahead of the conference and are also recommended.


2. Dear Doctor

3. ACE Conf Brochure 2014

4. The New Yorker, Mar 21, 2011

5. Spanish ACE Questionnaire

6. English ACE Score questionnaire

7. Trauma Survivor